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As the manifestation of the Ark of the seventh and last covenant between God and man, the Sisters of the House of Covenant occupy a sacred and pivotal niche in the Gospel of God Church. This is so because the existence of the House of Covenant is not a product of human wisdom, but the fulfilment of a covenant.


Gospel of God Church Kenya Africa - Baba JohaneThe House of Covenant (“Imba ye Chirangano” in Shona language) is the symbolic bride depicted in the Book of Revelation as: “the Holy city, the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband” (Rev 21:2).


Therefore, the rest of the congregation regard the House of Covenant with the same reverence and sense of duty that was accorded to either the biblical ark of the Israelites or Noah’s ark.


The seventh and last covenant - to which the Gospel of God Church members subscribe, concerns what is consistently referred to in the Bible as “The Day of the Lord”. During this day, the entire earth would be baptized or purified by fire - as opposed to water during Noah’s time. To survive through to the next dispensation (Isaiah 66:15-24, Rev 21:1) Father John set up the Ark - which was constructed from a select group of virgin girls from the congregation.


Usually, “recruitment” into the Ark is preceded by prophecies – that are documented prior to the sister’s birth (Jeremiah 1:5). Physical contact and interaction with the rest of the congregation is governed by strict prohibitions.


His followers were admonished to “take care of these virgins properly so that they would forever remain Holy before God”. Since then the Ark has grown exponentially resulting in a large institution of sisters drawn from diverse nations.


Sisters from the House of Covenant, unlike the rest of the Church are entitled to a livelihood from the Church’s offerings and tithes.

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