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The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy” (Rev 19:10)

The Gospel of God Church is richly endowed with several dozens of prophets and teachers who serve the congregation and the world at large.  Yet, talk of prophets in the 21st Century will sometimes raise eyebrows - even amongst professing Christians and Bible scholars.


After all, many will assert that: “the prophets have long ceased to exist”.  Thus, as far as contemporary Christianity often has it, God speaks to man far less today than he did at any time between the creation of Adam and the Christian congregations that we find in the scriptures.


However, even the much acclaimed Biblical Prophets like Joel foresaw a future in which unprecedented spiritual activity and prophecy would ensue amongst God’s people in the last days.  (Acts 2:17-21).


Baba Johane & the Gospel of God Church Kenya AfricaThus, amongst the Biblical Christians, prophets were the rule rather than the exception. The evangelist Philip, alone, had four prophet daughters alongside other prophets like Agubus (Acts 21:9-11). Paul, himself a prophet, lays down rules on the conduct of prophets during Christian worship (Acts 14:1-40) Evidently, he was not addressing the long departed Old Testament prophets, but those in his Church as well as future Christian congregations.


Those who advocate against prophecy will often misquote 1 Corinthians 13: 8-13. These verses talk of a perfect dispensation, when prophecies, tongues, and even knowledge will cease. Whether there is anything perfect about the times we are living in today, is an open debate!

Moreover, knowledge - which is also mentioned to cease along prophecy, incidentally seems to be on the rise in our times!


God’s people are entitled to know of his plans and action at any given time (Amos 3:7) and they may even inquire of Him (Genesis 25:22-23).

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