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Gospel of God Church

Worship in the Gospel of God Church conforms more closely to Biblical tradition than many aspects of contemporary Christianity and secular tradition. This is so because the Church is a product of ancient biblical prophecies. 


Thus, the Church has not adopted vogues like: Sunday worship, career oriented ministries, popular music, and so on.



The principal day of worship is the Sabbath  (John 19:31). Indeed, the word Sabbath itself is a proper noun for the day that begins in what is often referred to as “Friday” evening, and ends on “Saturday” evening.


Despite the observance of the Sabbath, prayer and Church activities go hand in hand with everyday life.



Baba Johane & the Gospel of God Church - Kenya AfricaAs was the case with the Churches that were established by Paul and Peter, in the Gospel of God Church, it is typical to refer to various groups of worshippers as “Churches”. For example, reference may be made to the “Church in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia”. While the various Churches congregate in designated places for collective worship, they do not take the familiar shape of a large building, often with a cross as part of its architecture.  In fact a lot of worship takes place in the open - usually in select compounds.

Buildings are also used for worship, but they are not a pre-requisite. In fact, a substantial portion of the Church’s infrastructure comes in the form of convents that are dedicated strictly to the Church Sisters.


Gospel of God Church Orientation

When Church members or apostles gather for prayer, they normally, form rows facing the East. This is so because such a gathering constitutes a formal occasion before the Lord’s throne. Observations by past and present day prophets indicate that this is usually to the East of the group of worshippers (Ezekiel 43:2, Rev, 7:2).


Gospel of God Church Orderliness

Since the area before the Lord’s presence is designated as a holy ground, shoes are not worn during worship (Exodus 3:5, Joshua 5:15).  In addition, men and women occupy separate rows. When present, the Church Sisters sit in the middle rows – separated by some space, from the men in front and the women at the back.


Gospel of God Church Prayer

Prayer is a fundamental obligation and activity for all Church members. There are various scenarios in which prayers are said.

These include:

·          Collective prayers that are offered at stipulated times.

·           Personal prayers that are initiated, and said by persons at home or elsewhere.

·           The laying of hands on individual persons, and so on.


Gospel of God Church Singing

Once assembled, worship may take various forms depending on the occasion or situation. A full congregation meeting on the Sabbath will definitely participate in singing. Church songs are generally simple and many take the form of choruses. The most commonly sang is Hosanna - a one-word song that comes in a dozen tunes. No musical instruments are used during worship - singing is strictly vocal. In addition, there is no dancing.


Gospel of God Church Teachings and Scriptures

Evangelists and pastors expound and reiterate the Church’s teachings. While the Bible is the principle source of instruction, scriptures in the Gospel of God Church are drawn from diverse books including the books of Adam, Enoch, Zohar, to mention but a few. Evangelists and pastors also reiterate the teachings of the Church founder John the Baptist. In addition, they lay emphasis on what the Holy Spirit says - through present day prophets and teachers.


Gospel of God Church Prophecy

Besides the singing, prayer, and liturgy, gatherings provide ideal forums for prophets and teachers to speak messages that they have received from the Lord  (1 Cor. 14: 30). It is also the duty of the presiding pastors to ensure that an appropriate opportunity is availed for instruction from the Holy Spirit.


Prophets and teachers may address various forums ranging from a full congregation to a single individual - depending on the target audience for a particular message. This subject is dealt with in greater detail under testimony

Gospel of God Church Holidays

The most celebrated calendar day in the Gospel of God Church is the first of October.


This day is significant for three reasons:

·          The Church founder, John the Baptist was born on this day in the year 1914 a day Africa was illuminated by a strange bright star that was moving from east to west.  He latter commanded that his birthday be observed as a holiday.

·          The Gospel of God Church was established on 1 October 1932 at Mount Marimba near Salisbury (now Harare) in Southern Rhodesia.


Gospel of God Church Attire

White shawls and dresses stand out during worship, especially during the Sabbath. The Church mode of dress would largely be referred to as conservative.


Men are often distinguished in clean-shaven heads and beards - these are trademarks for those who subscribe to the Seventh Covenant. They also cover themselves with the same white shawls or gowns during worship.


Women put on graceful white dresses with matching headscarves. Trousers are not a welcomed mode of dress for women, neither are shorts for men.


Gospel of God Church Offering


While pastors collect offerings from the members of the congregations, they themselves are expected to lead by example. They are mere facilitators and not recipients of the offering.  The money collected is used for Church activities - which include the upkeep of the Church sisters, and other activities such as travel.



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