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Overall leadership in the Gospel of God Church is vested in the Holy Spirit. This is so, because it is the Spirit that ordains and inspires the Lord’s servants, be they Evangelists, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers.


Baba Johane & the Gospel of God Chruch Kenya AfricaStructurally, the two key decision making organs are known as the Councils of Jacob (Jeep) and Petros. The Council of Jacob has seven elders, who signify the seven covenants while the Council of Petros has 12 elders. These elders are usually men who serve in various capacities such as evangelists, pastors, prophets, or teachers of tongues.


Evangelists and pastors preside over the congregations. While their roles are quite distinct, some of their duties overlap. Those ordained to be evangelists usually happen to be former pastors. As evangelists, they are ordained into a new ministry.


In every congregation there is a senior pastor, and a hierarchical order is observed.


The Gospel of God Church has several prophets and teachers. They prophesy teach and counsel through the Holy Spirit. For those who are not familiar with prophets, it would be easy to confuse prophets and teachers. In fact, teachers are sometimes loosely referred to as “teachers of tongues”. Unlike evangelists and pastors, there are both male and female prophets and teachers. A fair share of these, include the sisters from the House of Covenant.


Baba Johane & the Gospel of God Chruch Kenya AfricaIt is he who gave gifts; he appointed some to serve as apostles, others to be evangelist, others to be teachers, and others to be prophets. Ephesians 4:11


It is worth noting that at times there is a multiplicity of roles. Some pastors may also be prophets, and /or teachers. Likewise, there are prophets who are also ordained teachers.

In addition, the Church has several laypersons, who are an integral part of the congregation.


The titles “Father”(Baba) and “Mother”(“Mai” in Shona language) are used to politely refer to members of the congregation - regardless of marital status. The same title “Mai”, or another term “Sister” is used in a more deliberate sense in reference to Sisters from the House of Covenant. While they do not marry, it symbolizes their roles as mothers of the world as a whole.

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